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About 30% of married couples are not able to conceive, 30% of the causes belong to wife, 30% belong to husband, 30% belong to both of them and 10% of unknown reason. Most of these cases can be helped by different ways other than IVF like treating the husband, the wife or both.

Husbands can be treated to improve the quality of their semen or to improve their sexual timing and ability. Wives can be treated by improving their ovulation, correcting the cavity of their wombs, their ovaries or their fallopian tubes medically or by laparoscopy or hysteroscopy or both.

The advanced methods include IUI (intra uterine insemination) which means collecting the semen of the husband for washing, concentration and injection inside the cavity of the womb at the time of ovulation. The more advanced method is what is known as test tube baby. It is, simply, taking one sperm f

rom the husband, injecting it inside the ovum (egg), putting inside the incubator and after 2-5 days transferring the embryo (early baby) inside the womb of the wife.

Laparoscopic Dye Test & Ovarian Drilling

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