Al Ragaa Hospital

High End Equipment

A complementary laboratory where all the range of general, hormonal, serological and fertility tests as well as blood transfusion facilities are at hand with high standards of accuracy.

ART Department

All the arts of assisting fertility are performed efficiently with the least possible prices such as semen analysis, hormonal assay, semen and testicular biopsy cryo preservation, laparoscopic ovarian and tubal surgery...

Our staff

The team of the hospital and in particular the IVF programme is under the leadership of Dr. Samir Louis.

General Information

About 30% of married couples are not able to conceive, 30% of the causes belong to wife, 30% belong to husband, 30% belong to both of them and 10% of unknown reason. Most of these cases can be helped by different ways other than IVF like treating the husband, the wife or both.


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